An argument supporting the use of mandatory school uniforms

I believe that there is good evidence that wearing school uniform is now outdated. An argumentative paper on school uniforms needs a creative approach to be interesting to readers.

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Writing an argumentative essay on school uniforms is all about choosing your side on the issue and arguing for it with credible supporting material. Everyone enjoyed the race. For boys, it is usually black pants and jacket with gold buttons down the front and a white shirt inside, or sometimes it is a sort of suit- like thing.

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Pro-Arguments About School Uniform Similar outfits will lessen bullying and peer pressure at school as children and teenagers will have less reasons for teasing each other when having similar looks.

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School Uniforms Argumentative; Title: Archana Narain, Principal, The Indian Heights School, created such a conducive learning environment in the school that every child looks forward to come to the portals of TIHS where knowledge is shared with head, heart, and hands.

Archana Narain along with the Head Mistress, Ms. International Yoga Day was celebrated in the school on June 21, with great zeal and enthusiasm.

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Argumentative Essay: School Uniform

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Read the direct quotation from Childhood Sports Injuries and Their Prevention and answer the question. One of the arguments against mandatory school uniforms that were used during the voting in New York was the cost.

After all, uniforms can be somewhat expensive. However, is really that much more expensive than the designer clothes many students wear to school /5(5). Exactly. The initial flood will not necessarily kill a lot of people, simply because if someone at the dam site manages to get a message out and it is efficiently distributed, most of the people living in the areas that get flooded could easily walk to safety.

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Sep 01,  · Best Answer: It is a great idea for schools to implement a policy on school uniforms because statistics show that students who wear uniforms make better grades, the male students aren't as distracted by what the female students are (or aren't) wearing, and students feel a sense of equality with one another Status: Resolved.

This particular link addresses the issues surrounding the use of dress codes or mandatory uniforms as a school policy to enhance student performance. The site contains an overview of the issues and concerns surrounding the use of uniforms/dress codes as a school policy, as well as information on what states and local school districts are doing.

School uniforms give parents and students "another tool in the war against social pressures" (Atkins and Scholosberg,p.1) and allow students to put less emphasis on trendy clothes and more emphasis on a useful education.

Pros and Cons of School Uniforms Statistics An argument supporting the use of mandatory school uniforms
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